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Anytime always ready to solve your problem

Anytime always ready to solve your problem





Yes, I always ready to solve your problem


Six Reasons Why You Must Hire Jasadetektif.com

01. Experienced

With experience since 2007 handling local and overseas clients

04. Affordable Prices

Reasonable prices with maximum results

05. Secured Secrets

We never tell anyone about your secret, your secret is your secret

02. Profesional

Having knowledge and skills in accordance with the task field

03. Has Many Network

Has an extensive network in all major cities in Indonesia

06. Can Be Use In Court

Our reports can be used in court and in any legal proceeding.


Jasadetektif.com can assists individuals and businesses in search of the truth. No matter the situation, we uncover the evidence needed to defend your rights. Whether you need to locate a family member or assess a potential business partner, we put our expertise to work to provide you with accurate and verified facts.


Our team of Indonesia Private Investigator conducts surveillances anywhere in Indonesia to establish the whereabouts of a person, adult or child. We tail that person from one location to another or during a specific time period and we record everything we witness. We work with you to build a strategy together in order to get the most out of the mission. At the end we provide you with a detailed surveillance report that you can use in court if need be.

Background Check

Our team of Indonesia Private Investigator conduct background checks on individuals in order to bring you up to date information on someone’s educational, professional, family and criminal status.

Because you can never really know someone, our team will dig up the past of a job candidate, a business partner or a future spouse, to get you their true life story.

Locating People

At Indonesia Private Investigator we specialize in locating missing persons. Our team of highly trained Jasadetektif.com uses the best investigating techniques to help you find the person you are looking for. Whether you need to locate a family member, reunite with a long lost friend or a biological parent, or even serve a hiding debtor, we conduct discreet investigations to provide you with a valid address and additional information on the person’s family or professional status.

Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software for Computers, Mobile Phones and Tablets

Monitor all Android and iPhone digital and audio communications Monitor everything that happens on a PC or Mac

More monitoring features than any other product

No Hassle Remote Installation Service

FREE Mobile Viewer App for Android and iPhone

Used for Parental Control and Employee Monitoring